CPD says the diploma was allegedly purchased online for $100. They have also contacted ITT about Bowman and the allegations. Faking diplomas are useful, and an opportunity to learn a valuable way in transfer of information. Fake fakeomas can be used in many ways, such as sending a letter to a friend or colleague.
“You don’t just wake up one morning and find out that the Palm Beach School of Nursing is issuing fake degrees. You find out about it because you are told by a recruiter,” Porras said. DES MOINES, Iowa – The state of Iowa is revoking the licenses of two nurses after investigators found they were part of a fake diploma scheme. The action by federal law enforcement comes at a crucial moment in the health care industry, where an existing nurse shortage, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has left many nursing staffs spread thin and burnt out. Federal law enforcement officials underscored the high stakes of the scheme, saying that it potentially jeopardized patients’ health and safety — and that standards for safe nursing care cannot be purchased — only learned. Nursing candidates who allegedly participated in the scheme would pay as much as $15,000 for the fraudulent diplomas, officials said.
There’s an old, but now fast growing degree mill industry doing an estimated $7 billion a year worldwide in fraudulent diplomas and transcripts. With over 45 years of experience as a medical center investigator, I’ve had occasion to investigate allegations of bogus credentials among health care providers. These incidents rarely surfaced, and when they did, it was usually on an individual basis. What shocked me was not that a fraud had been committed, but the size and scope of this scam involving nursing education. About 7,600 students paid an average of $15,000 for bogus diplomas, according to prosecutors. Around 2,400 of those people then passed a licensing exam to obtain jobs as registered nurses and licensed practical nurses or vocational nurses in multiple states, prosecutors say.
Nursing School Operators in Florida Face 20 Years in Prison For Selling Thousands of Fake Diplomas To Students Prosecutors on the case say it was a multimillion-dollar scheme enacted by a network of over two dozen nursing school professionals. “Look, nobody wants a fraudulent nurse taking care of them or their loved ones. However, in this case what we have are allegations and an investigation. We have to allow that process to play out before we rush to judgment,” Williams said.
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Some applicants embellish their training and claim to have received skills that were never offered in their school program, or to have taken a subject in their school program that they did not study. This false information is often the most difficult for a recruiter to detect, because the applicant knows the institution and the courses offered there. There are many reasons why a person may want to purchase a phony diploma or phony transcript. Lots of people buy phony degrees as a way to encourage themselves or to serve as a morale booster. The majority of our customers are repeat buyers and have purchased more than one of our fake diplomas. Lapointe added that “a fraud scheme like this erodes public trust in our health care system.”
In 2018, the second man involved in the Virginia school scheme, Maryland resident Patrick Nwaokwu, also began working with Johanah Napoleon, a Florida mill operator who had purchased the for-profit Palm Beach School of Nursing in 2016. Florida shut down the school in 2017 because too few students were passing the national tests, but gave the school until December 2019 to graduate current students. In recent months, Republican Congressman George Santos’ lies have drawn attention to the problem of fraudulent degree claims , while ChatGPT has heightened concerns about how easy it is—and how much easier it might become—to cheat one’s way to a legitimate degree. Prosecutors said this involved three nursing schools in South Florida. We have heard lots of clients complain, they have got a scam from somewhere.