If all is well we reset the alarm and lock up but if there are signs of damage or intrusion we contact the emergency services and ensure the premises are protected until re-secured. The main priority of the security management solution is to provide a sense of security and comfort to the clients. When the clients are assured that their premises are safe they will have a goodnights sleep.
Locks and unlocks Alleviate the hassle and responsibly from employees for locking and unlocking your premises. Your personal data will be sent via e-mail to the appropriate person so they can help you with your enquiry.
Feel free to get in touch with the Shergroup security team today for more details. On-site security services provide an uninterrupted security presence — a far cry from occasional check-ins. This service is costlier than mobile patrol security services, but you enjoy a tangible sense of security that you can’t get from mobile patrolling.
Entrusting our security guards with a key to your business, they will respond to any type of alarm call, capable of handling any possible emergency whilst ensuring that your premises remains safe. SmartGuard Security mobile patrol services provide a 24-hour patrol service that is cost effective. Committed to meet our clients’ needs by performing site inspections and patrols, we ensure that site integrity is maintained. Officers in uniform or marked automobiles can be easily identified from afar. This makes it easier for people to see and understand that security is present, and also serves as a deterrent to anyone considering committing a crime.
Not only will this ensure the safety of any late-night or lone workers, but mobile security officers can also. By providing a visible security presence and actively patrolling the premises, mobile patrol security services can deter criminals from attempting to target the business. Additionally, mobile patrols can quickly respond to security incidents, such as break-ins or vandalism, and coordinate with law enforcement to apprehend the perpetrator. Mobile patrol security guards follow a scheduled or random route on your property which serves as a deterrent to anyone who may want to commit crimes on the property.
In addition to patrolling your residence or business, our patrol officers do a physical inspection of the entire area, including all windows and doors to ensure property security. This system delivers live detailed reports of the log in points ensuring the patrols are being carried out by our security officers on site or by our mobile officers visiting the premises. With the data collected on your mobile patrols, you can take transparency to the next level by easily creating detailed, custom tailored reports for each customer. Break down patrols by route position; account; patrol status; user; date; month; year; day of the week; job type; run sheet; and regional office.. Intruders aren’t the only thing security patrols officers look out for. Fires, floods and many other threats can all be identified by our SIA-trained mobile officers, it’s all in-hand to minimise the impact on your business.
Cambridge Security Services offers a wide range of mobile patrol services, also known as roving or security patrols. At Vigilant Tiger Security, we understand the limitations of spot patrolling and the valuable benefits of having an on-site security guard. That’s why we focus on on-site services and do not offer spot patrolling. Our security guards have committed to providing a continuous security presence for your location. Our guards are highly trained, energetic, respectful and attentive, so you can rest easy knowing you have protected your assets, your employees and the public.
When your alarm system is triggered, it might take a few minutes before anybody can get to your property to address any concerns. Patrolling officers, on the other hand, are already on-site and can quickly take control of any situation before it becomes a serious problem. Providing the Highest quality of service to keep Gibraltar and its businesses safe. OSG is a Gibraltar-based company specializes in 24/7 Mobile Security Patrols all arround Gibraltar. Using state of the art technology; everything provided from the initial quotation right through to the completed survey; is collated to quickly produces operational documentation and activates your location account. In-the-end, every client presents its own goals, challenges, and opportunities.